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Garages, Workshops, and Tiny Homes with Lofts

Buildings with lofts are a current trend in architecture. Rooms that feature lofts have a number of appealing benefits that can enhance your lifestyle. A loft provides added space and flexibility over a room of the same size without one. They allow you to make the most of interiors with high ceilings, while creating a […]

Vertical Storage Solutions

When storage space in your garage, closet, or shed is scarce, you need to make the most of every inch available. Vertical storage solutions are often the go-to solution. Choosing which vertical storage solution is right for your needs will depend on your space, and what you plan on storing. With the right know-how and […]

The Best Flooring to Install on Concrete Slab Foundations

Concrete slabs provide a sturdy and durable foundation for sheds, garages, cottages, and buildings of all kinds. But they can also be quite cold and uninviting if left unfinished. Luckily, when it comes to flooring options for a concrete slab, there are many different types to choose from. How you decide to finish your concrete […]

A Guide to Maintaining Your Garage Flooring

Garage floor maintenance can be something that is typically forgotten about. But when you think of the wear and tear your garage floor receives – tires, salt from the road, spills, and other daily life agitators – you’ll quickly realize how important it is to maintain this space. You’ll want to ensure you are increasing […]

How to Keep Your Garage Tidy

Sometimes we ask ourselves how to keep the garage tidy and more organized. The garage is usually a spacious area big enough to fit your car in securely. But besides keeping your car safe, the garage can be also be used to store many items safely. Garage organization doesn’t need to be a stress-inducing project […]

Get Inspired: Simple Garage Layouts

Planning the organizational flow before you start putting stuff in your garage is a helpful task that can be done fairly quickly. We created some examples with the 24×24 Simple Garage in mind.

Building Site Preparation for your Cottage, Barn, or Shed

Timber frame cabin with green gable style roof, front door with wood steps and overhang, and grass with fallen leaves.

We at Jamaica Cottage Shop know that a successful build starts with a good foundation. Whether you are adding a small shed or cottage to your yard, or planning something more on the scale of a garage or large cabin, knowing how to properly prepare your building site will save you time and money in […]

Batten Down the Hatches: Boat Storage Ideas

384 square foot garage with an overhang used to store a small motor boat.

Summer is a fun time for sailing, paddling, and zooming through the water. Even though winter may be a long way off it is a good idea to plan ahead. Protect your investment in a motorboat, sailboat, kayak, or canoe. Properly sheltering your boat in a storage shed, garage, or under an overhang will keep your […]

How to Properly Store Your Car: 8 Tips for Long-Term Storage

20x30 Two Bay Garage built from a complete pre-cut kit

There are different reasons why each of us would want to prepare a car for long-term storage. You’re probably going away on an adventure for a few weeks. You’re transitioning from working at an office to a home office. Or you’re probably even thinking of moving to a tiny house that doesn’t have its own […]

Best Practices to Organize Your Garage (or Storage Shed)

20x36 Equipment Shed

Garages and storage sheds are a common go-to when a homeowner needs to store an item that isn’t used every day. Because of that, garages are prone to being one of the most cluttered spaces in a home. And when every spare item is tossed into these spaces, good luck finding anything when you really […]

5 different types of garage doors, and which one should you choose?

Attached garage built in the basement of a modern home

A garage door can make or break the appearance of your house. It is especially true for homes where the garage area occupies a significant portion of the front facade. The other important factor that one needs to keep in mind is the smooth operation of the door. Imagine getting decked up for an occasion […]