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Storage & Gardens

The optimal locations for our sheds when used for storage or garden uses can be extremely varied. Each unique purpose has its own niche set of requirements, whether from the more basic needs of a wood or garbage storage bin to a solar- powered barn-style garage with a mother-in-law apartment above it. For this reason, […]

The Best Backyard Sheds for 2019 Reviews

When it comes to making a large purchase for your homestead there are overwhelming choices across the internet. Choosing a garden shed is further complicated with financing, logistics, and designs. Many of the popular solutions include simple and flimsy materials that are inadequate against mother nature. Composite wood, plastic, tube, and tarps even steel buildings crush under the weight […]

Design Your Tiny House

Ethan Waltman of Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast and Domenic Mangano, Jamaica Cottage Shop’s founder, had the opportunity to talk and really root down some of the core things to consider when beginning to design your own tiny home. NEEDS AND BUDGET One of the biggest dictators on how to design a tiny house is your budget. When considering what you can live with […]

Choosing the right foundation for your tiny house

Don’t skimp on the foundation when building a tiny home on wheels, is a common theme you hear from builders. It is typical advice when building a small home that is often repeated.  Set a budget that will give your project the strength and longevity you expect from such a large investment. Building tiny houses on wheels (THOW) begins with […]

Where does clean drinking water come from?

Off-Grid Camping Cottage with Rain Barrel Water Collection

As a builder of tiny house kits for the best two decades, I have developed numerous questions which help me understand a potential client’s vision and budget. As I listen to individuals it is rare to hear the information I need as a builder. One such question is “How will your drinking water be supplied to the tiny […]

Don’t Settle

  Don’t just settle for a good one. Get yourself something great from Jamaica Cottage Shop and learn about our wood cottage designs and building kits. Founded in Vermont in 1995 the designs are playful fresh and clever. Traditional Post and Beam joinery has been passed down from ancestors and is being utilized with traditional […]

Design and build your own tiny dream home

What can you NOT live without? Shelters like our tiny houses for sale keep you safe, warm and cozy from the elements, so a sturdy roof is essential. What else is important to keep in mind? Before getting into the crazy beautiful aesthetics of designing your own tiny home, develop a budget. No matter how big or small the home many […]

Successful Tent Camping

PICKING THE RIGHT SPOT AND KEEPING UNWELCOME VISITORS AT BAY Tent camping can provide great adventures for families, but there are some camping needs you should consider before you take off for your trip. Knowing safety basics help keep the trip fun and this starts with your early preparations. Whether you need help choosing a […]

Building a Strong Foundation for a Little House

The typical size of a tiny home is just one hundred and eighty-six square feet, which means that compact homes save their owners energy and money. Some little homes are built to be moved, but others are meant to be permanent dwellings and they need strong and stable foundations. To get the right foundation for your little house, you’ll […]

Prepare Your Garage for Winter

You might be quite the amateur handyman or perhaps you are a person who likes to keep things neat and organized. Whatever be the case, efficient garage storage is a must when you want a clear space where you can find what you need, when you need it. Fortunately for you, DIY garage organization is neither frightfully […]

Preparing Your Lawn Before a Vacation

The days leading up to a vacation can be stressful. Before you head to the airport there’s packing to take care of, mail to hold, alarms to set, and much more. With so much going on in the house, it can be easy to forget about preparing your lawn. Neglecting your yard before you head out […]

3 Season Building vs 4 Season Building

If you want to make your home more fun to live in now and more valuable later, making some modernizing upgrades is a great place to start. Modernizing and updating your home can make the roof over your head more livable and make your house more valuable when it comes time to sell. Not every home improvement […]

5 Reasons You Need an Outdoor Storage Shed

6x12 Nantucket - customized with alternative window placement, silver roof and paint

In this day and age, our outdoor storage sheds for sale have become a must have staple of every home, just because there are so many great things that you can do with them. These five benefits of having an outdoor wooden storage shed are a great way to jumpstart you into purchasing or cleaning out and finding […]

Reasons You Need an Outdoor Storage Shed

In this day and age, our outdoor storage sheds for sale have become a must have staple of every home, just because there are so many great things that you can do with them. These five backyard storage shed ideas are a great way to jumpstart you into purchasing or cleaning out and finding a new use for […]

Does Tiny Living Come With Tiny Costs?

Tiny home benefits are pronounced, from having a space perfectly designed for you to reducing your carbon footprint. What many people don’t consider before embarking on their journey is the cost of building a tiny home. In other words, there is a certain amount of intrinsic costs associated with the tiny home that can’t be overlooked. […]

Transforming Your Cabin Bathroom Into Something Amazing

A retreat to nature is sometimes the one thing we need in order to find ourselves, meditate, and relax after a busy time at work. Knowing that we can get away from our responsibilities for a while in order to unwind and reflect is a good form of mental health break that could help us feel refreshed […]

Fantastic Utility Shed Storage Ideas

Investing in a garden tool storage shed is a great idea to keep your equipment secure and out of the weather. If your garden tools are left outside, they are prone to rust and any wooden handles can rot. With a little organization, you can use this area to store lawn mowers, bikes and potting equipment easily. […]

Beware! Gardening is More Dangerous Than You Think

If you’re assembling a timber frame garden building, constructing a pool or simply mowing your lawn, it pays to exercise proper safety precautions. According to CPSC data, every year approximately 400,000 people are treated in hospital emergency rooms for injuries from lawn and garden tools. Top of the ‘dangers of gardening’ list are riding lawnmowers and garden tractors […]

A Gift Guide for Outdoor Enthusiasts

There are many reasons people become outdoor enthusiasts, from enjoying the beauty of nature to escaping the rat race of modern society. The outdoorsy types usually find calm and rejuvenation in being outdoors. In fact, many scientific studies find the following benefits that come from spending time outdoors: It’s easy to see that if you […]

“Tiny House Parking Jamaica, Vermont $400/month”

A beautiful spot next to a weathered barn, your own private space tucked away under an old sugar maple. Space includes fresh clean drinking water from onsite well. RV 30-amp electricity. A sewer line is ready to be connected to your tiny house that can accept both grey water and toilet waste. Room enough to […]

Just Add Water: How To Create The Perfect Peaceful Retreat

If you crave a peaceful retreat that will transport you far from the hassle and hustle of daily life, your first step should be to invest in the luxury of a cabin. You then need to create the perfect tranquil setting for your hideaway, to surround your senses in the calming effects of nature. And what […]

Magical Mountain Hideaway Listed Now

*************UPDATE: This cabin has been sold*************** I am the founder here at Jamaica Cottage Shop, Inc. As I roll into my third decade of building I continue to expand opportunities for others. On this occasion, I have ten acres I would like to pass along to a lucky and deserving sole. The land is sloping […]

Storage Tips for Tiny Home Living

2x4 Ready to Assemble Garbage Bin

STORAGE TIPS FOR TINY HOME LIVING Checking off storage requirements can help make tiny home living an attractive choice. Homeowners can enjoy smaller bills when going tiny and downsize their carbon footprint. However, storage is often a concern for those thinking of making the transition to a tiny home. What should individuals do to make the most […]

“It’s “”maniGOTT…”””

12x20 Home Office - Custom Four Season Exterior

Hey, I love your site. I used to live in South Derry back in the early 70s. I taught skiing at Stratton, and Bromley, and I know exactly where your business is. One of your employees is named Smith. I’m wondering if he’s related to Tink Smith who was one of the principals in starting […]

Vermont for Vermonters – The ‘Jamaica Cottages’ Tale

16x20 Vermont Cottage Option A - Three Season Exterior Customized

Don Sawyer – June 2009 Can those of us “from away” conceivably become real Vermonters? Hop in the Diner Guy’s new van, we’ll soon find out. A scenic drive up Route 100 from the south to its sharp bend in Rawsonville, then two miles and a right onto Winhall Station Road will answer the question. […]

How did you get started with Jamaica Cottage Shop?

Jamaica Cottage Shop origins - building dog houses in Jamaica, Vermont

How did you get started with Jamaica Cottage Shop? This must be one of the most frequently asked questions I personally receive when folks meet me in person. The year was 1995, I was 26 years old. After living outdoors with my two dogs for the past summer behind Equinox Mountain in “Bear Town”, a […]

Work to Live or Live to Work

Tiny House Village Now Accepting Applications Wow! That is what we want to hear. A tiny house village where folks with their own tiny houses can come and park and live with like minded individuals. Fill out an application and stay for the season or build your own tiny home and join the tiny home communities year […]

The Story of a Spit Rat

Domenic Mangano - CEO of Jamaica Cottage Shop - travelingn in Alaska with dog

Shelter is a roof over your head. A place to rest, rejuvenate and prepare for what will come next in your life’s journey. It is not where you live or what you live in. It is the surroundings you keep. Having a sense of belonging to a community among like-minded folks creates a bond of […]

Domenic Mangano – King of the Cottage

By Message of the Week Domenic Mangano, 39, started the Jamaica Cottage Shop 14 years ago, building doghouses in his backyard with a circular saw, a hammer and a little start-up seed money. Today, the shop is “the leader in the country shipping post and beam shed kits, and anyone close to us is still […]

New Tiny House Financing Possible*

12x26 Apple Blossom Cottage

New Financing for Tiny House Possible*SOUTH LONDONDERRY, Vt., Jan. 30, 2017 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) –- Jamaica Cottage Shop was getting at least five to 10 requests per day. Potential customers wanted financing options for tiny homes so they could easily afford one of their own. The Vermont-based retailer acted and now people can apply to pay […]

What Is Rough Sawn, Full-Dimensional Lumber?

Depending on a variety of factors including lumber type, lumberyards will cut timber to various sizes and leave them out in the air to dry. Once it dries, the lumber will not all be the same uniformed size, even if they are close. This is called rough-sawn lumber. It might still contain up to 20 […]

Beautiful She Sheds – By Kim Rak

An extension of home, but just for the lady of the house, this current  trend of backyard retreats being decked out in girly sweetness has everything being covered – crafting space, sewing rooms, writing studios, painting space, meditative quiet rooms & a gathering place for just the girls. Browse the photos below to see some of […]

Winter Isn’t Over Yet…


An Old-Fashioned Christmas

10x16 Three Sled Shed in snow

AN OLD-FASHIONED CHRISTMAS: SWEET TRADITIONS FOR HEARTH AND HOME HARDCOVER Celebrate the beauty and charm of a New England Christmas with recipes for traditional food and drink, decorating ideas, and heartwarming stories.   With its trademark snow, piney forests, sleigh rides and wood smoke curling out of village chimneys, New England was practically invented for […]

Custom Buildings – By Kim Rak

Though Jamaica Cottage Shop is primarily a tiny house & homestead company (since 1995) – building thousands of kits yearly that ship *free across the continental US & Eastern Canada, selling original designs for the DIYers as plans ($50), steadily growing the accessories needed for the DIY crowd, and building fully assembled rugged post & […]

Off Grid Getaways by Kim Rak

Picturesque as can be, these 16’ x 20’ Vermont Cottages are the perfect getaways. Off grid, self sufficient, eco friendly lifestyles are available with cottage kits (these examples are estimated at 2 people, 40 hours), diy cottage plans ($50) or fully assembled cottages. These off the grid house designs do have options like electrical packages, solar, 4 season living, bathroom, kitchen & much […]

What Happens at the Cabin

Add a personal touch to your cottage or cabin with this journal. What Happens at the Cabin Stays at the Cabin – Guest Book  Size: 5″x8″ 160 blank or lined college ruled pages 60lb book-weight (24 lb bond) Front cover made of 12pt glossy paper Back cover made of thin flexible textured plastic

A Cabin in the Woods – By Kim Rak

12x20 Xylia - Exterior

I recently came across this charming photo of one of Jamaica Cottage Shops first Gibraltar Cabins, back when the only size they made was the 12’ x 20’ (now they have no less than 6 standard sizes to choose from). The siding has naturally weathered to this idyllic fairy tale patina, the landscaping has grown […]

Turn a Tiny House into an AirBnB Rental – By Kim Rak

Turn a Tiny House into an Airbnb Rental Considering how easily a tiny house can be settled onto acreage, it is not surprising that the tiny house community has discovered how quickly a profit can be turned from renting out these charming little spaces. Learn the ins and outs of Tiny House AirBnB rental properties. Enthusiasts […]

More on Sap Houses by Kim Rak

Recently this short info piece came up on Jamaica Cottage Shops facebook page, and I thought it very interesting and worth a share. “A sugar shack, also known as sap house, sugar house, sugar shanty or sugar cabin (French: cabane à sucre) is a semi-commercial establishment, prominent mainly in Eastern Canada (although in some of New England’s […]