Storage & Gardens

The optimal locations for our sheds when used for storage or garden uses can be extremely varied. Each unique purpose has its own niche set of requirements, whether from the more basic needs of a wood or garbage storage bin to a solar- powered barn-style garage with a mother-in-law apartment above it. For this reason, […]

The Best Backyard Sheds for 2019 Reviews

When it comes to making a large purchase for your homestead there are overwhelming choices across the internet. Choosing a garden shed is further complicated with financing, logistics, and designs. Many of the popular solutions include simple and flimsy materials that are inadequate against mother nature. Composite wood, plastic, tube, and tarps even steel buildings crush under the weight […]

Design Your Tiny House

Ethan Waltman of Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast and Domenic Mangano, Jamaica Cottage Shop’s founder, had the opportunity to talk and really root down some of the core things to consider when beginning to design your own tiny home. NEEDS AND BUDGET One of the biggest dictators on how to design a tiny house is your budget. When considering what you can live with […]

Choosing the right foundation for your tiny house

Don’t skimp on the foundation when building a tiny home on wheels, is a common theme you hear from builders. It is typical advice when building a small home that is often repeated.  Set a budget that will give your project the strength and longevity you expect from such a large investment. Building tiny houses on wheels (THOW) begins with […]

Where does clean drinking water come from?

Off-Grid Camping Cottage with Rain Barrel Water Collection

As a builder of tiny house kits for the best two decades, I have developed numerous questions which help me understand a potential client’s vision and budget. As I listen to individuals it is rare to hear the information I need as a builder. One such question is “How will your drinking water be supplied to the tiny […]

Don’t Settle

  Don’t just settle for a good one. Get yourself something great from Jamaica Cottage Shop and learn about our wood cottage designs and building kits. Founded in Vermont in 1995 the designs are playful fresh and clever. Traditional Post and Beam joinery has been passed down from ancestors and is being utilized with traditional […]

Design and build your own tiny dream home

What can you NOT live without? Design and build your own tiny dream home WHAT CAN YOU NOT LIVE WITHOUT? DESIGN AND BUILD YOUR OWN TINY DREAM HOME. Shelters like our tiny houses for sale keep you safe, warm and cozy from the elements, so a sturdy roof is essential. What else is important to keep in […]

Successful Tent Camping

PICKING THE RIGHT SPOT AND KEEPING UNWELCOME VISITORS AT BAY Tent camping can provide great adventures for families, but there are some camping needs you should consider before you take off for your trip. Knowing safety basics help keep the trip fun and this starts with your early preparations. Whether you need help choosing a […]

Building a Strong Foundation for a Little House

The typical size of a tiny home is just one hundred and eighty-six square feet, which means that compact homes save their owners energy and money. Some little homes are built to be moved, but others are meant to be permanent dwellings and they need strong and stable foundations. To get the right foundation for your little house, you’ll […]