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Building with Strength and Style: Post and Beam Pre-Cut Kits

A Pre-Cut Kit loaded on a Jamaica Cottage Shop truck.

What is a Pre-Cut Kit? A Pre-Cut Kit, offered by Jamaica Cottage Shop, is comprised of a collection of building materials meticulously designed and prepared for constructing custom-built structures like cottages, sheds, cabins, garages, and tiny houses. The Pre-Cut Kit offers standard design and size options, allowing you to personalize your structure with various roofing […]

Prefab Homes vs. Fully Assembled Buildings: Exploring the Differences and Options

In the realm of alternative housing options, prefab homes and fully assembled buildings stand out for their unique advantages and distinctive construction processes. While they may seem similar, there are key differences between prefab and fully assembled buildings that you will want to consider if you are choosing between the two. We’re going to take […]

Goat Houses Galore: A Comprehensive Guide to Sheltering Your Goats

Ensuring the protection and well-being of your cherished goats demands careful consideration when selecting a durable goat house. While goats are known for their hardiness and resilience, they still require adequate shelter to protect them from the elements. Giving your goats a comfortable house will promote their happiness and productivity for your homestead. Whether you […]

Vermont Woodlands and Woodworking

At Jamaica Cottage Shop, we are proud stewards of our local industries and our local environment. That’s why we are members of the Vermont Woodworks Council and the Vermont Woodlands Association. These groups uphold the ideals of supporting the local economy though American-made craftsmanship, responsible resource management, and protection of Vermont’s unique environment. We want […]

Garages, Workshops, and Tiny Homes with Lofts

Buildings with lofts are a current trend in architecture. Rooms that feature lofts have a number of appealing benefits that can enhance your lifestyle. A loft provides added space and flexibility over a room of the same size without one. They allow you to make the most of interiors with high ceilings, while creating a […]

How Sustainable Is Building With Wood?

Small backyard shed with log cabin siding.

Wood is certainly beautiful, but did you know that choosing to build from wood can be environmentally friendly? While the idea of cutting down trees doesn’t sound like the ‘greenest’ thing, when you compare wood to other materials, you’ll find that that building with wood is a very sustainable choice.

All About Log Cabins


The log cabin is one of the oldest and most enduring types of dwellings. They have been around for centuries, and they continue to be popular today. They’re often associated with the wilderness and a simpler way of life. But log cabins can be just as comfortable, modern, and stylish as any other type of […]

Sheds With Porches

When searching for the right shed for you, its looks are just as important as its function. And if having a place to spend time outside and relax is a high priority, you’ll want to choose a shed with a porch. Having a porch enhances the look of the shed, and gives you a comfortable […]

Where to find Local Vermont Products

Jamaica Cottage Shop isn’t just about building cabins, sheds and tiny homes—it’s about building our community! We’re proud to manufacture our products at our factory in Londonderry, VT using regionally sourced materials. But we also love collaborating with other businesses in the community, like Northern Sun Mercantile, who specialize in local Vermont products. Northern Sun […]

Made in the USA: Vermont Grown Sheds and Cottages


We at Jamaica Cottage Shop are proud that all of our operations and manufacturing happen right here in the USA. Every one of our beautiful post and beam products is made at our Vermont factory by a dedicated team of skilled craftsmen.

Featured Interview with Domenic: On Dynamic Entrepreneurship

Dynamic entrepreneur Domenic Mangano, founder of Jamaica Cottage Shop.

One of the necessary things you should consider before getting financing for your micro house kit is your budget. Why? Of course, your budget will determine your amenities and location. Knowing at least a ballpark will help you stay within your means or think of creative ways to afford everything you want in your dream home. 

How did you get started with Jamaica Cottage Shop?

Jamaica Cottage Shop origins - building dog houses in Jamaica, Vermont

How did you get started with Jamaica Cottage Shop? This must be one of the most frequently asked questions I personally receive when folks meet me in person. The year was 1995, I was 26 years old. After living outdoors with my two dogs for the past summer behind Equinox Mountain in “Bear Town”, a […]

The Story of a Spit Rat

Domenic Mangano - CEO of Jamaica Cottage Shop - travelingn in Alaska with dog

Shelter is a roof over your head. A place to rest, rejuvenate and prepare for what will come next in your life’s journey. It is not where you live or what you live in. It is the surroundings you keep. Having a sense of belonging to a community among like-minded folks creates a bond of […]

Living Large, A look into the Tiny House Movement

8x16 Cross Gable Tiny House eastern white pine wood interior with insulated doors and windows

One of the best videos Jamaica Cottage Shop has made so far – journaling Tiny House culture. Be sure to subscribe to their channel to follow their work & insight in the growing Tiny Home phenomena #tinyhousemovement “Tiny Houses – learn more. Living Large, A look into the Tiny House Movement What they are all […]

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Timber frame post and beam cottage with cupola, corrugated metal roof, covered porch, and three floor to ceiling windows.
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