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The Story of a Spit Rat

Shelter is a roof over your head. A place to rest, rejuvenate and prepare for what will come next in your life’s journey. It is not where you live or what you live in. It is the surroundings you keep. Having a sense of belonging to a community among like-minded folks creates a bond of family ties. Some of my fondest memories of group living are of hostel type environments where all in the “family” looked after one another in a shared sense of daily survival.

For example, in 1994 I lived in Homer, AK so called the Homer Spit. The spit is a 4.5 mile stretch of land jetting out into the Kachemak Bay. The summer inhabitants which camped on the rocky shores were known as “spit rats”. Here I spent the summer peering over the white capped volcanoes, watching the bald eagles scavenge the water’s edge and enjoying the vibrant northern lights during the summer solstice

Natures beauty was not the reason I stayed as I was on a journey of self-worth, driving to Alaska with only my two dogs, living in my Subaru. I met amazing people from all over the world: from Europe and North America and we all conjoined in a communal surrounding on the beach creating strong friendship bonds. Daily survival of eating, drinking, sleeping and even pooping were all daily tasks we each would overcome together. The reason I stayed until the seasons changed was due to the compatible people I came to surround myself with.

We all have dreams and varying degrees of drive to achieve our goals. I personally have lived in several situations in my life where this sense of family has blossomed. The Utopian harmony is always ended simply by life changes. Marriage, health, pregnancy, old age, a sense to achieve more, or a desire to build all play parts in why these families have dispersed. Every scenario had one thing in common and that was the roof we slept under and the situation we all put our self in. For whatever reason, we all found ourselves drifting through life and found comfort in each other. When you are seeking guidance in your life living in a communal setting can do a soul good. Having the time to enjoy this setting can be the most challenging part as life challenges always present themselves with the demand for financial obligation. Living small and living in a village of tiny houses with large common areas can produce solutions to many of individual’s life desires.

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