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Rustic Charm: 5 Wooden Storage Shed Ideas for a Small Yard

6x8 Nantucket poolhouse with log cabin siding and asphalt shingle roof

Moving into the city is a whole new experience, especially if you grew up in the suburbs. There are fewer yards to frolic in but more places packed in pocket areas. That’s why the usual setup for urban folks is apartment and condo living. Or if you have the luxury of having your lot, space is more cramped. If you’re considering doing either, check this comprehensive guide to make sound decisions in buying your first real property.

However, you can still make your city home as cozy as possible. Whether you’re homesick or just fascinated with the rustic look, introducing natural elements will completely transform your limited living space. And wooden storage sheds harken back to the peace of suburban life. 

Who would have thought a usually practical element can add character to your space? There are more ways than one to use a wooden storage shed in a small yard. Creativity knows no bounds, hence here are five wood storage shed ideas for small outside spaces that should inspire you:

Tool Shed

10x12 Tool Shed with Autumn Red Roof color upgrade
This small tool shed is great for small to medium sized backyard spaces.

Starting with the basics, use a utility shed for bulky tools and materials. A double-swing door utility shed is a versatile storage space, where you can add shelves and hooks for added functionality. You can also put a detachable ramp for heavy wheeled equipment you want to store. Our utility sheds range from 32 square feet up to 560 square feet. 


Want to up your gardening game? Turn your firewood shed into a plant display by fastening shelves to its walls. If the interior is too shady, alter your shed with extra windows or some clearpoly roof panels to allow sunlight to seep in. Customize it further by adding storage on its lower half, where you can put your trowels, seeds, and gardening whatnots. Look at our hearthstone shed that comes in four different sizes and features a stylish Saltbox roofline.

4x10 Hearthstone post and beam two cord firewood storage shed with ash gray metal roof
Our 1 cord woodbins can be used to store other items besideds firewood, and they fit into snug spaces.
8x12 Customized Dollhouse - Exterior, diy shed kit
This stylish and tiny shed is adorable while still being rustic. It looks great in any landscape.


If you have tiny tots asking for a real-life dollhouse, what better way to build one by using a shed as a base structure? Storage sheds with windows are perfect as on-scale dollhouses. It already mimics a basic house structure, roof and all. Look at our 6×8 Nantucket variant for your potential playhouse project. If your yard is a tad roomier, our Dollhouse shed is already custom-made for play purposes with a touch of sophistication.

4x10 Garbage Shed with evergreen metal roof, pine siding and two sets of double doors
Another one of our designs that fits into a small backyard, the Garbage Shed. With two sets of double doors you can sort your recycling from your trash.

Garbage Disposal

Do you find your current garbage disposal system rather unsightly? Use a wooden garbage shed to make your disposal spic and span. We have a Trash Shed in our catalog complete with two separate bins. It can come in handy in separating the disposables from the reusables. It also features an extra overhang extending to the front, providing ample protection during rain or snow. 

Relaxation Station

A storage shed can be large enough to accommodate people within its walls. And another option is to use it for yourself and demarcate a new area in your yard. You can revamp it into an outdoor lounging area and personalize it with outdoor seats. The wooden finish adds an intimate and laid-back vibe for your relaxation. Leave off some or all of the siding for an open air hangout. Add some string lights, lawn chairs and a bar for an atmospheric backyard lounge.

There are endless possibilities with storage sheds. If you’ve got more ideas, contact us and actualize your plans!

Backyard grilling station built from a shed
One of our clever clients left off the siding on their New Yorker shed so they could decorate this open space for use as a backyard grilling area and bar.

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