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Tiny house or Shed Foundations

Vermont cottage built on a full foundation basement.

I have been in the building trade for the past 35 years. I have worked all over the United States, including states with incredibly strict zoning, to hurricane and earthquake-prone areas as well as termite and wildfire susceptible regions. Each of these natural disaster-prone zones takes precautions in protecting buildings and it all starts with […]

Camping vs. Tiny Living

Cabin in the desert with a camper near by.

These days, as more people are seeking to declutter their lives, you hear a lot about “tiny living.” What does it mean? Essentially, it’s self-explanatory–a term for existing in a stripped-down version of your usual living space. While the average American home has about 2500 square feet of living space, “tiny homes” typically feature just […]

Top 3 Hikes in Southern Vermont

The foohtills of Stratton Mountain

Southern Vermont is home to some awesome scenic hiking trails that are beautiful all year round! Take a look at some of the National Parks in the area and you’ll find some stunning trails suitable for the whole family. Here are just 3 of the best hikes in Southern Vermont. Mount Olga Trail – Molly […]