12x16 Home Office - Custom Exterior
12x15-home-office-adirondack-siding-hunting-camping-cabinOne of our custom Home Office designs12x16-home-office-customized-cabin12x16-cabin_kit_plans12x16-home-office-customized-with-horizontal-siding12x16-Home-Office-Horizontal-Novelty-Siding-4-Season-in-yard12x16-Home-Office-4-Season-Ship-Lap-Siding-Micro-Cottage12x20-Home-Office-board-batten-siding-post-beam-cabin-for-sale12x16 Home Office Studio12x20-Home-Office-with-Bathroom-4-Season-Insulated-no-snow-metal-roof-new-hampshire12x20-Custom-Home-Office-Exterior-tiny-cabin-skinned-hemlock-posts-new-hampshire12x16 Home Office - Custom Exterior12x16-gable-insulated-interior-no-porch-custom-cabin12x16-gable-insulated-interior-customizable-cabin12x20-home-office-four-season-interior-insulated-windows12x20-gable-cabin-3-season-interior-heat-shield12x20-optional-keyless-entry-upgrade-4-season-home-office-water-bathroom12x20-Home-Office-Bathroom-sink-toilet-overhead-light-fixture-plumbing-electricity-tiny-cabin12x20-Custom-Home-Office-loft-bathroom-incomplete-Interior12x20-Home-Office-Electric-Heater-insulated-tiny-dwelling-.small12x20-Home-Office-Interior-Electric-Plumbing-Heater-InsulatedHome Office with Sleeping Loft InteriorHome Office 4 Season Interior12x20_cabin_interior-four-season_wood-stove12x20-home-office-4-season-interior-wood-stove-ready12x16-home-office-camp-hunting-cabin-interiorHome Office Camp InteriorKitchenette in 4 season cabin.12x20-Rental-CAbin-Loft-Kitchenette12x16 four season Home Office - first come, first served12x16 Home Office - custom interior, discounted display modelLove Nest Exterior12x Home Office - Custom Exterior12x16 Elegant Home-Office with Pretty Exterior12x16 Cute Shabby-Chic Home Office Cottage -Nighttime Interior12x16-Lovely Decorated Home Office InteriorCharming-Interior-with-Delightful-Touches 12-16 Home OfficeDarling and Divine Cozy Cute 12x16 Home Office Interior

Home Office

Though designed as an office, the quaint front porch and cozy interior make this building an asset to any landscape as a kid’s playhouse, pool house, guesthouse, workshop, cabana, artist studio or simply a personal retreat.

View Specification Sheet (12×16)

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Product Description

Home Office Floor PlanOriginally designed as the sales office for Jamaica Cottage Shop, an insulated version of this little cottage sat on a focal point of the property at the end of the driveway. The upgrade to a fully insulated interior, along with the addition of a wood stove or gas heater makes this a year-round workspace.

Though designed as an outside office shed, the quaint front porch and cozy interior make this building an asset to any landscape as a kid’s playhouse, pool house, guesthouse, workshop, cabana, artist studio or simply a personal retreat.

All of our prefab home offices, wood sheds, storage sheds, garden sheds, cottages and utility enclosures are built of the finest lumber and handcrafted for long life and durability.

Any of our prefab offices can be customized to fit all of your needs. We offer insulation, plumbing and electrical packages; alternative choices for roofing, siding, flooring, windows, and doors; and other custom options such as built-in storage, decorative arches, cupolas, painting, staining, and flower boxes. Take a look at what we have to offer on our Options Pricing page or give our design team a call for a quote.

View Specification Sheet (12x16) View Specification Sheet (12x30)

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