14x20 One Bay Garage - Custom Exterior
14x20 One Bay Garage Exterior14x20 One Bay Garage - Custom Exterior14x20 One Bay Garage - Customzied Exterior14x20 One Bay Garage Exterior8'x1' Transom Window8'x1' Transom Window8'x1' Transom Window8x1 Transom Window - Single Pane

8’x1′ Transom Window Single Pane

We absolutely love this look adorning garage doors, sliding glass doors and french doors. Implement this window on your own or add it to your Jamaica Cottage Shop custom build. With your order, you'll get one 8'x 1' window with twelve (12) true-divided lights. Divided window panes measure 9″x7″. Windows are framed in high-quality pine and ship ready to be installed. Windows are not primed. Same window comes standard with our One Bay Garage and Smithaven designs. This window has also been implemented in custom Tool Shed designs.

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Product Description

One single pane 8’x1′ transom barn windows with twelve (12) true-divided lights. Divided panes measure 9″x7″. Framed in high-quality pine. Not primed barn sash windows for sale.